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[s0001] [s0002] [56.3] dare childe I blase god I ame safe com heare this day fortnigt [57.4] and found yo=r= father very well but littill joyed of gettinge him home, [57.5] for the paypill are not willinge to parte with him and hee not willinge to goe from thim, [57.6] but sayes how shold hee goe from thim that have ben so kinde to him, [57.7] I wish sum of you his chilldern ware heare [57.8] for I am like to doe no good to perswade him, [57.9] the paypill are all so mad to keepe him heare. [s0010] [s0011] [59.12] Heare you see what your father doe write. [60.13] I would have you send hither Mr. Pammer spedily ere the wentter doe com for your father have got one into house with him that wee $can $not be red of till som one of you com here. [60.14] It is Dammers son of Dorchister to be a menester [60.15] and hee is wery of him as well as I. [60.16] You may write to her and diricke the letter to old Burridge [60.17] his name is Mikel Burredge. [60.18] So with my respickes to you both I remane Your loving mother Jane Pinney