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[s0001] - [[Vincent]:284.2] (Latin text of John 12:24) "Very truly I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed." [[Vincent]:286.3] "I tell you truly: [[Vincent]:286.4] If a kernel of wheat does not fall to the gound and is fully harrowed, it remains but one." [[Vincent]:286.5] And He added after this: "If it truly is harrowed, it brings forth much produce. [[Vincent]:290.6] Who loves his life will in fact loose it. [[Vincent]:290.7] but who hates his life in this world, will keep it/her in the eternal life [[Vincent]:293.8] Who serves me must, therefore, follow me. [[Vincent]:293.9] And where I myself am my servant should also be. [[Vincent]:293.10] And my Father, the Almighty, who is in heaven, will honor who serves me." [[Vincent]:297.11] This gospel-message has now briefly spoken in English, [[Vincent]:297.12] but we would like to expound for you the spiritual meaning. However, not too long, so that you will not hate it. [[Vincent]:300.13] Comparing with worldly matters, we know the truth, that the wheat that is sown, if it does not break in chinks in their land, and if it is not pressed of that what it was before, that it will not grow, but remains but one by itself. [[Vincent]:304.14] The clean wheat kernel about which Christ speaks stands for Him who gave (lt:sold) his life for us, [[Vincent]:304.15] And he produced much fruit of mankind through his one death, which is very precious indeed. [[Vincent]:304.16] He brings this fruit, which we sinful ones are, into the pleasant barn of their eternal home. [[Vincent]:310.17] He became dead through the Judeans, [[Vincent]:310.18] and he made us alive who love him. [[Vincent]:312.19] He has lost himself, [[Vincent]:312.20] and we have gained him; [[Vincent]:312.21] His name has grown wunderfully in us, as truly as he was pressed to himself (i.e: comparison with the wheatkernel), that he was quenched on their error/heresy. [[Vincent]:316.22] Really, the wheat corn that is purified on (for?) produce and produces other seeds, is set on the meaning of our saviour Christ for his great power, since he rises above all the created [beings]. [[Vincent]:320.23] "Who loves his life will in fact lose it; [[Vincent]:320.24] and who hates his life in this world, will in fact keep it in eternal life." [[Vincent]:323.25] That is actually saying in two ways: [[Vincent]:323.26] if you really want to have life with the living Saviour, then don't be afraid to die for his true life. [[Vincent]:323.27] And don't you love this life: that you remain in sin and lose your soul/life in the true life. [[Vincent]:328.28] The sould/life is placed here for this short life, [[Vincent]:328.29] and about him who in this world in fact loves [it] and spends his days in drunkenness, Paul says: he will not come into the Kingdom of God (see 1Cor 6:10). [[Vincent]:332.30] Blessed are those who hate their soul/life in this world, that they would live wisely, so that they will have eternal joy with God. [[Vincent]:335.31] The holy martyrs so often forsook this present life, that they would rather die for the name of the Saviour, than deny Him, just as Vincent did, in the way we told you before. [[Vincent]:339.32] "Who serves me, must, then, follow me" [[Vincent]:340.33] In many ways men serve Christ: some in his service on set times; some during mass (=service) and in many prayers; [[Vincent]:340.34] some by remaining in cleanness for the love of Christ; [[Vincent]:340.35] some gave their life into violent death for his love; [[Vincent]:340.36] some give alms in love of their Lord; [[Vincent]:340.37] and whoever did the will of his Lord in any way, has served Him. [[Vincent]:348.38] "Who serves me, must, therefore, follow me". [[Vincent]:349.39] If we serve Christ, we have to follow Him. [[Vincent]:350.40] We have to go by His way. That is: always serve in righteousness and in truth. [[Vincent]:352.41] "And where I myself am, my servant should also be" [[Vincent]:353.42] Here we may hear what he will reward us, if we serve him by pious life and by good deeds: that we should remain there, where he is, in the true life in eternal glory in that world. [[Vincent]:358.43] "And my Father, the Almighty, who is in heaven, will honor who serves me" [[Vincent]:360.44] With what honour will the Father honour the person who serves His Son in this life, other than the honour that he should dwell in the eternal life where He (=son) will be, and see his (=son) glory and enjoy their pleasentness always without end with all his holy ones? [[Vincent]:366.45] Who may ever desire more honour, [[Vincent]:369.46] or who dares desire this, if the Almighty Saviour does not promise this to those who live him? Those who live in eternity with their almighty Father and the Holy Spirit in one divine nature, in one majesty, in one nature/condition always in eternity. [[Vincent]:372.47] Amen.