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[s0001] - [LS_11_[James]:1.2] Of James , the brother of John. [LS_11_[James]:2.3] The Judean people brought cattle to the leaders of hundred, so that they would treat James as they wanted to, [LS_11_[James]:2.4] and so that he would seal them its fat. [LS_11_[James]:4.5] They then took him, [LS_11_[James]:4.6] and took him prisoner. [LS_11_[James]:4.7] Then there was a lot of mocking between the Christians and the non-Christian people (lt: heathen). [LS_11_[James]:5.8] Some said that it was right that James would be brought to their gathering, [LS_11_[James]:5.9] and that they would hear his message in accordance to their law, [LS_11_[James]:5.10] and that is what they did. [LS_11_[James]:7.11] Then the chief priests asked James: "Why do you preach the Saviour, who has been hung, as we all know, between the robbers? [LS_11_[James]:10.12] James was truly filled with the Holy Spirit, [LS_11_[James]:10.13] and told them: "Hear now, my dear brothers, you who state that you are Abraham's children. [LS_11_[James]:12.14] Our Lord promised our forefather Abraham, that by his seed all peoples would be blessed. [LS_11_[James]:13.15] To be true, his "seed" did not go via Ismael, but via Isaac, just as God himself told Abraham: [LS_11_[James]:13.16] "Through Isaac your seed will be called". [LS_11_[James]:15.17] and in truth our father Abraham was reckoned God's friend even before he had been circumcised, and before he discerned religious-festival-days, and before he could know any godly law. [LS_11_[James]:18.18] If then Abraham has become God's beloved friend, how much greater will the person who does not believe in him become God's fiend?!" [LS_11_[James]:20.19] The Judeans asked: "Who is it that does not believe in God?" [LS_11_[James]:21.20] James answered: "That is the person who does not believe that by Abraham's descendancy all peoples would be blessed, and the one who does not believe that Moses told his people: [LS_11_[James]:21.21] and it is Him you should listen to in everything (just as you do to me), in that which he commands you>. [LS_11_[James]:25.22] He foreknew this through God Himself and through His guidance. [LS_11_[James]:26.23] Later Isaiah prophesied by our Lord's coming [LS_11_[James]:26.24] and said: [LS_11_[James]:26.25] and bear a child, [LS_11_[James]:26.26] and his name will be 'Emmanuel', which in translation means 'God be with us'>. [LS_11_[James]:29.27] Later Jeremia said: [LS_11_[James]:29.28] and this will be His sign. [LS_11_[James]:30.29] Blind people's eyes He will open, [LS_11_[James]:30.30] and deaf people He will give back hearing, [LS_11_[James]:30.31] and with His voice He will call deceased ones to life>. [LS_11_[James]:32.32] Later Ezechiel the prophet said: [LS_11_[James]:32.33] and establishes you>. [LS_11_[James]:33.34] And then Daniel said: [LS_11_[James]:33.35] and He will award him majesty and all power>. [LS_11_[James]:35.36] And then the Holy Spirit told through David [LS_11_[James]:35.37] and spoke thus: [LS_11_[James]:35.38] . [LS_11_[James]:37.39] Later a voice from heaven was heard, speaking thus: [LS_11_[James]:37.40] 'He will call Me His Father, [LS_11_[James]:37.41] and I will appoint Him over all worldly kings'. [LS_11_[James]:39.42] It was to David himself that God said: . [LS_11_[James]:41.43] [LS_11_[James]:42.44] [LS_11_[James]:42.45] [LS_11_[James]:44.46] [LS_11_[James]:44.47] [LS_11_[James]:44.48] [LS_11_[James]:44.49] [LS_11_[James]:45.50] [LS_11_[James]:47.51] [LS_11_[James]:50.52] [LS_11_[James]:50.53] [LS_11_[James]:50.54] [LS_11_[James]:50.55] [LS_11_[James]:53.56] [LS_11_[James]:56.57] [LS_11_[James]:56.58] [LS_11_[James]:56.59] [LS_11_[James]:58.60] [LS_11_[James]:58.61] [LS_11_[James]:58.62] [LS_11_[James]:58.63] [LS_11_[James]:58.64] [LS_11_[James]:62.65] [LS_11_[James]:62.66] [LS_11_[James]:65.67] [LS_11_[James]:67.68] [LS_11_[James]:69.69] [LS_11_[James]:73.70] [LS_11_[James]:73.71] [LS_11_[James]:75.72] [LS_11_[James]:78.73] [LS_11_[James]:78.74] [LS_11_[James]:78.75] [LS_11_[James]:78.76] [LS_11_[James]:78.77] [LS_11_[James]:78.78] [LS_11_[James]:81.79] [LS_11_[James]:85.80] [LS_11_[James]:86.81] [LS_11_[James]:89.82] [LS_11_[James]:90.83] [LS_11_[James]:90.84] [LS_11_[James]:90.85] [LS_11_[James]:90.86] [LS_11_[James]:90.87] [LS_11_[James]:95.88] [LS_11_[James]:96.89] [LS_11_[James]:96.90] [LS_11_[James]:100.91] [LS_11_[James]:101.92] [LS_11_[James]:102.93] [LS_11_[James]:102.94] [LS_11_[James]:102.95] [LS_11_[James]:103.96] [LS_11_[James]:105.97] [LS_11_[James]:105.98] [LS_11_[James]:105.99] [LS_11_[James]:109.100] [LS_11_[James]:109.101] [LS_11_[James]:110.102] [LS_11_[James]:110.103] [LS_11_[James]:110.104] [LS_11_[James]:113.105] [LS_11_[James]:113.106] [LS_11_[James]:117.107] [LS_11_[James]:118.108] [LS_11_[James]:118.109] [LS_11_[James]:118.110] [LS_11_[James]:122.111] [LS_11_[James]:122.112] [LS_11_[James]:125.113] [LS_11_[James]:125.114] [LS_11_[James]:127.115] [LS_11_[James]:127.116] [LS_11_[James]:127.117] [LS_11_[James]:130.118] [LS_11_[James]:132.119] [LS_11_[James]:134.120] [LS_11_[James]:134.121] [LS_11_[James]:136.122] [LS_11_[James]:136.123] [LS_11_[James]:140.124] [LS_11_[James]:142.125] [LS_11_[James]:142.126] [LS_11_[James]:142.127] [LS_11_[James]:144.128] [LS_11_[James]:144.129] [LS_11_[James]:144.130] [LS_11_[James]:146.131] [LS_11_[James]:146.132] [LS_11_[James]:146.133] [LS_11_[James]:149.134] [LS_11_[James]:149.135]