Supported software


1)      Cesax. Coreference editor for syntactically annotated xml corpora.

2)      CorpusStudio. User-friendly interface for corpus related research.
Works with the following formats:

a.       psd      YCOE, PPCME2 etc.

b.      psdx    An xml variant that is TEI-P5 based

c.       tig       An xml variant used e.g. for Negra and CGN

3)      TreebankToXml. Batch converter to transform psd files into psdx format.
This program can be installed from the Cesax homepage.

4)      NLPstudio. User-friendly interface to several natural language processing functions. Includes the following:

a.       Sentence splitter

b.      Tokenization

c.       Part-of-speech tagger

d.      Treebank parser